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There are many reasons to become a member of this wonderful group. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1.PLAR Practitioner Manual (Coming soon)

This manual is based on extensive PLA and adult learning practice over a period of three and one-half decades in both Indigenous and mainstream settings. We are indebted to the growing body of PLAR practitioners and adult learners internationally who have chosen to implement the portfolio development process for a variety of purposes. These uses include: personal and cultural development, education, training and employment.


This manual has been created to train International Indigenous PLAR Practitioners by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to support Indigenous adult learners in meeting their personal, cultural, education, training and employment goals. It identifies and discusses the critical processes that must be in place to support Indigenous learners interested in pursuing a variety of learning goals. It does so by implementing PLAR processes which respect and honor cultural teachings and that are integrated with the teachings of the Indigenous cultures of the participants.

The manual also outlines essential elements that must be in place to support individuals pursuing their learning goals and including the support and resources needed to assist learners throughout the entire process.

The portfolio development process can represent a “fresh” start for many adults who otherwise might not be willing to take up the challenges and risks associated with reviewing and reflecting on significant and sometimes painful learning events in their lives. Many learners may have dropped out of school early while others may have experienced problems affecting their families or employment.

The relationship between the Indigenous PLAR practitioner and the adult learner is central to enhancing learner self-confidence and widening the possible uses of the portfolio depending upon the goals and aspirations of the learner. The interaction between the practitioner and learner is a key building block for learner success. The significance of establishing a supportive, positive relationship based on mutual respect, trust and unconditional acceptance of the language, culture and life circumstances of the learner cannot be understated. Developing strategies and processes that encourage adult learners to be active partners in the planning process and ultimately taking the lead are also key components of this manual. The various dimensions of the practitioner’s role are outlined in detail and they include: advocating, educating, counselling, mentoring and collaborating with the adult learner.


This manual is intended to be a user-friendly guide and a resource for training International Indigenous RPL Practitioners. It contains a balance of PLAR and adult learning theory and demonstrates with examples, the application of that theory to a portfolio-based process which is rooted in Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing. Our hope is that you will use the material in ways that best meet your needs and the context in which you are working and interacting with Indigenous learners and their communities. We view the manual as a work in progress and invite you to join with us in our collective efforts to implement the mission and vision of the International Indigenous RPL Collective.

As a member you will receive the password to the member services page which will allow you to download the manual as well as keep you informed of member activities.


One of the important benefits of being a member is that it connects you to the collective committee who can help you answer questions or arrange for training to solve your unique applications. You are just an email away from support.