Paul Zakos

Response to Pedro from Paul Zakos

By on December 23, 2014

Estimado Pedro, Thank you for the warm greetings.
In return I send warm greetings from chilly but not yet cold Ontario.
We have climbed many mountains together in the past decade and spent some time grazing in the valleys. I look forward to continuing this important journey to make the world a more respectful place for Indigenous knowledge and traditions and calling upon cultural teachings to help guide us.
It has been a great pleasure to call you our partners and to share with you in this important undertaking. It is our good fortune to be working  with comandante Pedro, Maria, your beautiful family and Tain Adkimn, representing the Mapuche people with respect, dignity and a vision for a positive  future.
We are forward to continuing on this journey with you as our partners in 2015.
All the best to you Pedro , to Maria, to your family and to Tain  Adkimn in the New Year.
On behalf of the Collective and your many friends in Canada, the USA and South Africa.

Best wishes also, to you Michelle,  for your energy, shining spirit and commitment to this work. It has been a pleasure having you on board.
Have a great holiday and we look forward to working with you in 2015.


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