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News: Pedro Valenzuela -Tain Adkimn (graciously translated by Michelle Johnson)

By on December 23, 2014

Translated message from Pedro:

Warm greetings from a hot Chile, I am writing to wish all the members of the International Indigenous Collective and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 (Gregorian). With the time that has passed since the Collective’s work began, and the achievements we have attained, it makes us think that we can change the prevailing modern day system. It is true that the Indigenous world does not commemorate at this time, but we can not deny that Western culture surrounds us and we must live inserted in it.

This new year ahead offers us new challenges and projects and we are sure we can count on your unconditional support just as we will be available with what you need. An affectionate hug from our family and the Indigenous Mapuche Taiñ Adkimn Community.

*Also Glen, Pedro says that he will be sending you a video to upload on to the Collective’s website.

My love and greetings to all of you as well!
Love, Michelle

Chaltumay por el mensaje Pedro.  Saludos y mi cariño a tod@s de tu familia y la comunidad de la ruka.


Pedro Valenzuela

Asoc. Indígena Taiñ Adkimn


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