Burning Down of the Mapuche Association Taiñ Adkimn’s Ruka at the University of Chile’s Antumapu Campus

By on December 19, 2015

The Mapuche Association Taiñ Adkimn expresses its deep concern and sadness for the fire which occurred the night of Tuesday December 8, 2015, and with it the loss of two of its rukas located in the vicinity of the School of Veterinary and Animal Sciences of the University of Chile.

According to judicial information and evidence provided by Fire Department experts, the accident happened Monday night the 7th of December and was an intentional act that not only left material damage, but also meant an attack to a Mapuche ceremonial center, one which brings together the whole community. Let it be remembered that the Association Taiñ Adkimn carries out important intercultural work of great impact in the municipality of La Pintana and in its surroundings: Care from the machi, training courses, courses about Mapuche culture that are aimed at young people, cultural workshops, an international symposium, and healing ceremonies (nguillatun, fuchotun, machitún, wiñol tripantu) which are just some examples of the activities that the Association carries out, bringing together a large group of people who for years have come together and shared at the ruka. To this we must add the developed network with international indigenous collectives and since 2008, the collaborative project with the University of Chile in which many students have participated with courses on worldview, culture, traditional games and a host of activities that have strengthened ties and mutual work with the community.

The ruka and ceremonial center was opened by Machi Kintu Rayen in 2007, with the love and support of the whole community and guardianship of their ngen, which is why the association and all those participating and/or who participated, deeply lament this reprehensible act that undermines coexistence, respect, knowledge and welfare of our Mapuche community and the whole society. Association leaders note, “Our struggle will continue tirelessly in order to achieve full recognition, valuing, strengthening and respect of our culture which is protected under national, international and Indigenous rights, with the support and commitment of all pu peñi and pu lamngen of our Taiñ  Adkimn community.”

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