Background/ Context

In 2009 at the 20th annual PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) conference a steering committee comprised of representatives from Chile, Ecuador, South Africa and Nunavut was formed to explore the development of an International Indigenous RPL(Recognition of Prior Learning) Collective. The foundation for this work was the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Articles 13 and 14 and the Mission and Vision of the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC). A draft mission, vision and statement of objectives for the Collective were shared with conference delegates who strongly supported and encouraged the development of the Collective with suggestions for strengthening the basic documents. In 2011, at the 22nd annual conference, further refinements were made and a report, “The Eagle and the Condor, Moving Forward on the Development of and International Indigenous RPL Network“, was prepared by Malcolm Day of the University of Nottingham. In 2012 at the 23rd conference further refinements were made to the Report and there was agreement on the aims, objectives and vision for the Collective. In November of 2012 a symposium was hosted by Tain Adkimn in Santiago Chile aimed at promoting RPL within the context of strengthening Indigenous knowledge, language and ways of knowing. Approximately 190 people participated in the symposium, many from Indigenous nations in South America.


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